notice*The 3rd Crazy Hair Hunt


We bring you THE 3rd CRAZY HAIR HUNT !
Our theme this year is Flora and Fauna, we will create animalistic or planty hair (of DOOM )

The date is 31th March to April 30th.

Thats ALOT of FABULOUSNESS over 60 shops!


The U-neek, ZsaZsa's House Of Beauty, VAUGHAN'S :: house of curiosities,
Curious Kitties, Vita's Boudoir, .{Rue}. , La Boheme, :::: IrEn:::: , Vanity Hair,
Tekeli-li, Concrete Flowers, [M&K] , Bliensen + MaiTai , Battle Angel ,
The Stringer Mausoleum, Chichickie!, Nushru, Discord Designs, Bizarre Creations,
Grim Bros, Barerose, Emo-tions, Morgane Bataista poses, {Bingo} , [hate this] ,
.::.IM CaPPeD.::., Calico Ingmann Creations , C&D Designs , Nightshade Designs ,
.::CENSORED::. , The Strand, W.Winx, :DTA:: DROPTHEANCHOR, Ein peixe,
Barlow Fashion, Entropy Designs , Gumi's Flower Shop, Alli&Ali Designs,
Skinthesis, ~ HeLtEr SkElTeR ~ , Evie's Closet , Sentou Yousei (battle fairy) ,
Iron Tiger , **Malizz Yiyuan creation** , Yasyn's Odds and Ends, ((RIPE)) ,
NebuchadNezzar, Hairoin, L+N Signature Designs Store, frou frou, Le Cactus,
!SyDS! , Rosy mood, Zibska , MSM Designs, Weather! or not? , Facepalm Designs ,
T&S GLaM, ^.^Ayashi^.^, Raven's Heart, Amulet, Claudia222, Orage Creations.


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*New Hair* Night Fire


!SyDS! has released new hair , "Night Fire".
Hope you like it.icon06

!SyDS! Hair★ Night Fire


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*New* Berry Earrings


Hello, there.
!SyDS! has released new items, the berriy earrings.

Hope you like those.

【!SyDS! Berry Earrings】

See youface06


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!SyDS!@The Cafe Hunt


Hello, there. The Cafe Hunt has started!!!
Over 60 designers brought together to give free gifts.

Here's the prize you will find at !SyDS!


Official Blog;

Have Fun >3


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Half price sale of !SyDS! pose


A happy new year!!!

!SyDS! released ten new female poses for the SnapShot
and It's out in the main store now!!

*** 10pose set - Half price sale *** Jan.12-15 ***

Please buy it by the panel (on the wall),
Now only for L$50(L$5/each)

【!SyDS! Model Pose #41-50】

Check it out ^^


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New Year's Gift + !SyDS!


I made a new year's gift for you.
This is an oramental hairpin.
I hope you have a happy new year!


【!SyDS! giniro kanzashi】

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*New* Crystal Necklace


!SyDS! has released new necklace, "Crystal".
There are two colors.

[!SyDS! * Crystal Necklace RED]

[!SyDS! * Crystal Necklace]

Both are transferable, so you can gift it to your friends.
Hope you would like it.



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*New Hair* Muse


New Hair from !SyDS!

[!SyDS! Hair * Muse]

Hope you would like it.


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*New Hair* Lousy Liar


New Hair from !SyDS!

[!SyDS! Hair * Lousy Liar]

Hope you would like it.


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Black Friday Sale@EUPHORIA


1 DAY ONLY sale event at E U P H O R I A!
Come prepared to BLOW YOUR MIND!
Come buy exclusive creations from your favourite brands only for THIS DAY!

Update: Sale will be extended to Sunday 27th Nov

Over 30 participating brands with items priced at L$50.

【!SyDS! Hair ★ Lousy Liar】

50L$ - 1 day only at E U P H O R I A

!SyDS! @ E U P H O R I A

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